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Help To Buy Valuations

Your Target HCA Compliant Report

As part of your Redemption process with Target HCA you will need a RICS Help to Buy valuation carried out by a RICS Registered Valuation Surveyor. Target require the Help to Buy valuation to establish the Market Value of your property whether you have sold or are just redeeming the loan.

The criteria for the valuation is quite strict and Target will reject incorrect/incomplete valuation reports. We have carried out over 100’s of RICS Help to Buy valuations with no rejections. This is because we were initially appointed as one of the preferred RICS Surveyors for the repayment scheme and our valuation report is specifically designed for the redemption process. The latest administrators – Target – now do not refer to the panel surveyors and refer you directly to the RICS website.

Our RICS Help to Buy valuation fulfils the criteria required by Target for your redemption but our speciality lies with the advice we give to our clients. Having advised on how to repay the Help to Buy loan as part of our valuation service, our testimonials confirm that some of our quickest redemptions have been completed in minutes. The RICS valuation is an important part of the process but knowing what else to submit, understanding what is required by Target, and the actual advice we give to clients on the submission and telephone discussion, has led to numerous successful redemptions.

How do I pay back my Loan is one of the most frequent questions we are asked – we consider that the experience and advice we have to offer, combined with the RICS valuation, makes our service unique and the most comprehensive and competitive service around.


A Help to Buy Valuation Report is a complicated document that we prepare on your behalf

  • The Valuer must be registered with the recognised qualification of RICS
  • The Valuer must be independent to an Estate Agent.
  • The report must be on headed paper, signed by the RICS surveyor and addressed to Target HCA.
  • The Valuer MUST provide at least 3 comparable properties and sale prices.
  • The comparables provided must be like for like in terms of property type, size, and age and within a 2 mile radius to the property that is being inspected.
  • The Valuer must not be related or known to client.
  • A copy of the valuation report must be supplied to Target at the following address via postal service – Target HCA, PO Box 911, Newport, NP20 9PA
  • A copy of the valuation report must also be supplied to and to the client.

Why You May Need A Help to Buy Valuation Report

When it comes to paying back your equity loan you have two options; Full Redemption, paying your equity loan back in full with or without selling your property or Partial Redemption also known as Staircasing, where you pay back part of your equity loan without selling your property.

For details on the full process and documentation needed for both options please read the Target HCA Customer Information Pack.

Redeem when you sell

If you sell the property against which your loan is secured, you will need to repay your loan in full. This is also known as loan redemption.

The repayment amount you will be required to pay is calculated as a proportion (percentage) of either the current market value or the agreed sale price of your home (whichever is higher).

  • You will need a Help to Buy Valuation Report.

Redeem without selling

In this scenario you will be looking to repay (redeem) your loan in full without taking out another loan secured on your property. The repayment amount you will be required to pay is calculated as a proportion (percentage) of the current market value.


  • You will need a Help to Buy Valuation Report.

Staircasing with another loan

In this scenario you will be looking to repay (redeem) your loan in part by taking out another loan secured on your property with another lender.


  • You will need a Help to Buy Valuation Report.

Staircasing without a loan

In this scenario you will be looking to repay (redeem) your loan in part without taking out another loan secured on your property.


  • You will need a Help to Buy Valuation Report.

If you are unsure if you need a Help to Buy Valaution Report you can speak to the Target HCA Customer Service Team on 0345 848 0235 or you can email them at target.hca@targetgroup.com.


Questions our RICS Help to Buy Valuation specialists get asked…

We love helping people and that’s why there is no question too big or too small. Of course, your mortgage provider or financial adviser will be helping you with the details surrounding remortgaging. Alternatively, you may have only spoken to Help to Buy or Target.

Whilst our job is to provide you with an accurate valuation, we can also help you with any questions relating to redeeming or staircasing your Help to Buy Mortgage.

If you have any questions, please email info@helptobuyvaluations.co.uk.

It’s very similar to a mortgage valuation where come and visit your home before using our local market knowledge to put a value on your property. We will reasearch the values of similar property and take into account market conditions.


We like to visit Help to Buy valuations within 2 working days and sometimes sooner dependent on location and availability. The report itself will take no more than 30 minutes and we send you a copy within 48 hours.


Remember it is only valid for 3 months. After that, we will need to reconfirm the valuation and if after 6 months we may need to perform a new report. Also, the longer you leave it, your property may go up in value which will mean that your Help to Buy valuation will be higher.


Once you have successfully submitted a valid Help to Buy valuation report you will receive an estimated repayment quote. This will include details of any arrears and your daily interest payment rate to allow your solicitor to calculate an accurate final repayment sum.

Here is a handy guide from Target which explains everything.

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